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House of Silence - Sarah Barthel 95/222 pages read, and DNFed.

Feels: Annoyance and disappointment.

Characters: Flat. Irritating. Helpless. Our heroine is supposed to be calculating (she's about to make an advantageous political marriage BY HER CHOICE), but then her only recourse is to pretend to be "insane" when confronted with the situation she finds herself in? Ok. I can deal with that, to a point (let's just ignore how the fact that she's PRETENDING is going to cast doubt on all the other people who are genuinely mentally disturbed and need help). After ensuring her own "safety" in a rest home, however, our lovely little Isabelle remains just as helpless. Let's pretend to faint to get away from the annoying other women, shall we? Oh, and then look! It's a (very obvious) Prince Charming whose thighs she can't help but admire.

Description/Worldbuilding: For a historical novel, this book is painfully short on detail. I expect more research to be put into even a historical fiction book. At points I couldn't tell if they were in the 1870s or the 1910s. Granted, my degree is in English, not history, but the educated reader should be able to make a good guess on the decade of the book setting.