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The Queen's Army - Marissa Meyer Wolf is one of my favorite characters from The Lunar Chronicles, and Scarlet+Wolf is definitely my favorite couple. I loved seeing more of Wolf's background, of what his family was like before he became the soldier we know in Scarlet. The details about how exactly he and his pack were commissioned/trained were pretty cool, too.

My only complaint is that it seems rather rushed, to condense SO much time into such a short story. We needed more time to really feel Wolf's pain and growth. I think his story could very well be an entire book on its own! Also there's so much potential to grow the series up a little. I love the Lunar Chronicles, but I feel like they are kind of...tame. Wolf's back story is less so than most of the other characters' and would be a great spinoff. Of course I'd also love to see what he and Scarlet get up to in the future too!

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