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Conquering the Divide - Vicki Newman, Debbie Shiplett Burke, Erin Garvin The 3 stars are based solely on the intent behind the written word of this book. I know Erin (I took Pilates classes from her a few years ago), and this book does not do her justice at all. No offense to her or her co-authors/editors, but this book (at least the edition I bought) needs some SERIOUS editing help. OMG. The English major in me literally sat down and cried.

The heart of the book though, is of her drive to not only be one of the first women to conquer the Continental Divide Mountain Bike Trail, but to overcome her own hangups due to a smothering and restrictive upbringing. Her descriptions of her groups struggles on the trail, both with the weather and terrain and each other, strike a chord with me. Also, having met Erin about 10 years after the events in this book, I find it amazing that she could ever have been the reticent woman portrayed in the book. What a journey.